Characteristics of women with cesarean section due to placenta previa at national hospital of obstetric and gynecology in 2020

  • Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, Vu Dung
Từ khóa: after cesarean section, placeta previa, the National Hospital For Obstetric And Gynecology

Tóm tắt

Objective: Describe the clinical, subclinical, and resuscitation care after placenta previa operations at the National Hospital For Obstetric And Gynecology. Method: Descriptive study design was used to recruited 149 women who had a cesarean section due to placenta previa at the department of resuscitation anesthesia in the National Hospital For Obstetric And Gynecologyfrom January to September 2020. Results: The average age of pregnant women was 32.5 ± 4.9 years old, mainly in the 22 to 35 years old group (71.1%); 23.5% of them had comorbidities; 40.9% get pregnant up to 3 times; 61.7% of them had ever a C-section. In the pregnancy, 42.8% of the women had preterm birth and 4.1% of them were pregnant with twins. While admitted to the hospital, 49% of women presented with vaginal bleeding and 34.9% of them were anemia; 57% of women had uterine contractions and most of them presented with an open cervix. Almost of participants had completed placenta previa (85.2%) and 34.9% of them had Placenta Accreta. 63.1% of women had a cesarean section and preserved the uterus and 36.9% of them undergo surgery of hysterectomy. 43.6% of the women experienced servere bleeding and half of them had to have a blood transfusion, the average amount of transfusion was 3.11 ± 2.6 units of blood. After surgery, 55% of pregnant women recovered well. Conclusion: Most of the women had better progress after surgery in terms of mental status, breathing, circulation, pain sensation. Health care staff should provide post-cesarean care for the woman with history of cesarean section due to placenta previa, pregnancy with comorbid diseases, placenta accreta, emergency surgery and women with servere bleeding pre-and post- surgery.

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