Aesthetics, architecture, and worship: An iconography experience

  • Umali Vannessa.D.

Tóm tắt

Demonstrated in this project is the religious design and symbols inside and outside the Crusaders of the Divine Church of Christ, which had many referents and associations incorporated into intricate symbolic complexes-what some have called “webs of significance”. The purpose of this study is to offer an approach to the interpretation of aesthetic and architectural design and symbols by describing the various referents and associations of a particular item in the culture of which it is a part and by applying this referential complex to the interpretation of specific literary and iconographic examples. It also explored how it represents and re-creates the divine realities in a temporary place in the real world. In its attempt to understand the interplay of aesthetics, architecture, and worship - this study has been limited to the functions of the church design and content with reference to bishop interviews, church photos, and written literature. By providing analysis, the iconographical design within the parish church will contribute to the body of knowledge on Christian Charismatic Renewal’s beliefs and practices.   


Umali Vannessa.D.

Rizal Technological University, Philippines

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