The role of corrective feedback in Vietnamese high school students’ writing

  • Hanh Le My
Từ khóa: Corrective feedback; Teacher Feedback; Peer Feedback; Teaching Writing Second Language.

Tóm tắt

Through the history of language teaching and among many controversies in
teaching second language writing, there are various concepts of corrective feedback. In fact, roles of corrective feedback including teacher and peer feedback are highly appreciated in contributing students’ writing improvement .Especially, in teaching writing to second language learners, the use of peer evaluation might be more motivated than the traditional type of teacher evaluation. This finding, as well as students’ data explanations of their choices, 48 high school gifted students at Experimental High School in Ho Chi Minh City participated in the study. Results of the study indicated the overall effect of corrective feedback on Vietnamese high school students’ attitude towards their learning in writing English, and how the combination of teacher feedback and peer feedback influence effectively on their work.

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