Frontline Employee Service Recovery Performance in Aviation Sector: The roles of Transformational Leadership, Workplace Spirituality, and Resilience

  • Hoang Thi Kim Quy Vietnam Aviation Academy, Vietnam
  • Nguyen Thi Cam Le Vietnam Aviation Academy, Vietnam
  • Le Thi Chau Kha Vietnam Aviation Academy, Vietnam
  • Hoang Bao Vo Vietnam Airlines, Vietnam
  • Le Thi Nhu Y Vietnam Aviation Academy, Vietnam
Keywords: Transformational leadership, workplace spirituality, employee’s resilience, aviation, Vietnam


Detection of service failures is prevalent in various service sectors, including the aviation industry. Given the crucial role of frontline employees in addressing customer complaints, this study seeks to investigate the effective engagement of frontline employees in service recovery performance and the factors influencing it. The study gathered data from 371 employees in the aviation sector. The findings indicated a positive correlation between transformational leadership and service recovery performance. Additionally, employee resilience was identified as a mediator in the relationship between transformational leadership and service recovery performance. However, no evidence was found to support the notion that workplace spirituality acts as a mediator in this relationship. The paper concludes with discussions on both theoretical and practical
implications of the study's results.

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Aviation and Tourism Management