Keyword and Backlink Utilization in Search Engine Optimization of Pilot Training Centers in Vietnam

  • Phan Thi Nhu Quynh Vietnam Aviation Academy, Vietnam
Keywords: Keyword, Backlink, Search engine optimization, Pilot training


Linguistic disparities pose challenges to researching keywords and backlinks in website SEO campaigns across a vast global scope. Website administrators must align with the language and popularity of reference websites in constructing SEO strategies tailored to each language profile. This article dissects the employment patterns of backlinks and keywords on websites of pilot training centers in Vietnam. Drawing upon Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) results and statistical analysis of keyword frequencies, ratios, source attributes, and backlink quality, it appears that local businesses may outperform globally-oriented service providers in website SEO campaigns. Moreover, the study provides a compilation of recommended keywords and backlinks that may potentially contribute to the augmentation of website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for pilot training institutions in Vietnam. This is particularly unique in Vietnam as the search behavior
of Vietnamese individuals typically employs the Vietnamese language for keyword searches, and all efforts to utilize the widely spoken English language do not yield the desired outcomes.

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