The values of the realistic socialism are forming the humankind's univesal set of values

  • Đỗ Thị Thạch, Lê Văn Phục
Keywords: values, socialism, humankind


Realistic socialism was born after the victory of the Russian October Revolution in 1917 and became the world system after World War II (since 1950). Over the past 100 years, despite ups and downs in the process of construction and development, real socialism has achieved many achievements of great significance, contributing to shaping the world towards peace and democracy. , justice and equality between countries and peoples. The successes of reform and opening-up in China, innovation in Vietnam, the recovery and growth of Communist Parties in former socialist countries, as well as the communist and industrial movements International figures are showing that real socialism is still a new development trend, continuing to shape the future development of the world.

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