Applications of geophysical methods in agriculture and their potential in Vietnam

  • Huong Thien Phan
  • Duong Hong Vu
  • Hung Danh Tran
  • Tung Thanh Nguyen
Từ khóa: Geophysical methods, Precision agriculture, Soil properties, Soil monitoring.

Tóm tắt

Geophysical methods are very popular in Vietnam and have been applied for several decades in deep-earth investigations such as geological mapping, mineral resource searching, and especially oil and gas exploration. In the world, they have proven to be great tools in agriculture as well for soil characterization and monitoring thanks to their notable advantages including rapid data acquisition, large data coverage, high data density, non-destructive and inexpensive survey implementation. However, in Vietnam, the applications of geophysical methods in agriculture have received little attention probably due to the lack of suitable equipment and data processing techniques. This article gives an overview of popular geophysical methods being applied in agriculture in several countries to characterize and monitor soil properties such as moisture, salinity, density, texture, structure, porosity, etc. The main uses of each method are summarized, and relevant publications are given for reading recommendations with the aim of suggesting similar applications in Vietnam. Accordingly, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) are the most versatile with minimum field crew for data acquisition. They should be prioritized to try in Vietnamese agriculture. Since EMI equipment is not currently available in Vietnam, only a GPR test survey was implemented in the Agricultural Academy experimental field by the authors of Hanoi University of Mining and Geology. The preliminary result shows that the biggest challenge is to find reliable techniques to accurately infer soil properties from measured geophysical parameters, which have no explicit relationship with soil properties. Noise suppression is another problem that needs to be addressed to ensure sufficient data qualit

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