Research on the factors affecting the product filtration efficiency in mineral processing plants

  • Hai Thanh Pham
  • Anh Phuong Ta
  • Nhung Thi Pham
  • Thuat Tien Phung
  • Duoc Van Tran
  • Chinh Thi Vu
Từ khóa: High-pressure filtration, Mineral processing products, Operational filtration, Residual moisture content, Specific resistance.

Tóm tắt

Filtration is a long-standing process but the technology has changed slowly, mainly based on the increase in filtration pressure and changes in the characteristics of filter media. The problem is high moisture remains product, requiring more expensive technologies (thermal drying) and long processing times. In the mineral processing industry, not only concentrates but also tailings need to be dewatered. The test samples were Cam Duong apatite concentrated and tailing ore, Ta Phoi copper concentrated and Sin Quyen tailing ore, Cua Ong fine coal, and Dak Nong red mud. All samples’ properties have been defined by sieving analyses, SEM method, and gravitational density measurement. Then, samples were experimented with using the Nutsche high-pressure filtration in the variable operational parameters. While the sludge concentration affected the specific resistance, the filter cake height and filtration pressure did not affect as much. At the suitable condition (homogeneous filter cake, 1 bar pressure difference, and 50 grams solid weight), the specific resistance and residual moisture content of the filter cake are around 2.5x10-12÷1.5x10-13 m-2, 15÷25%, respectively. Through the test results, some recommendations are mentioned in order to perfect the process and scale up for industrial production

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