Prediction of carbonate rock facies from core probe permeability measurements and well log data: a case study from carbonate reservoirs, Phu Khanh basin

  • Hong Minh Thi Nguyen
  • Hong Thi Pham
Từ khóa: Carbonate rocks, Permeability, Petrophysics, Probe Permeameter

Tóm tắt

Probe permeameter (also known as Mini-permeameter) has been widely used in many field and laboratory applications where in-situ measurements and spatial distributions of permeability are needed. Mini-permeameter measurements have become popular techniques for collecting localized permeability measurements in both laboratory and field applications. It is designed to obtain fast, cheap, intensive and non-destructive permeability measurements and to describe the spatial arrangement of permeability. Currently the probe permeability meter is designed and manufactured as a portable air permeability for field applications and to be used in outcrop and core samples. In this instrument, the permeability is measured by air that flows from the samples to be measured into an air chamber through the vacuum created by increasing the volume of the chamber. In carbonate reservoirs, permeability predicted from pure porosity-permeability empirical relationship is often difficult due to complex rock pore systems leading to poor porosity-permeability relations. Once the relationships between permeability and textural rock properties are clearly established in carbonates, they can provide better permeability predictions from porosity data. Rock texture is an important parameter for the understanding of the porosity and permeability characteristics of carbonate reservoirs. In addition to predicting carbonate rock facies from routine core plug porosity and permeability measurements, there is an approach to determine carbonate reservoir facies based on core-plug probe permeability. The results of the probe permeability measurements, in this paper, can be used in combination with the porosity values derived from the well logs to classify and predict rock facies in carbonate cored or uncored reservoirs in Phu Khanh basin

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