Vietnam in the Global Supply Chain in the Context of the Covid-19 Epidemic: An Analysis of the Manufacturing Industry

  • Hung Cuong Vu

Tóm tắt

Vietnam’s success in attracting foreign direct investment and international economic integration has enabled Vietnamese key products to gain foothold in major markets, increasing its competitiveness in the global supply chain thereby. The article analyzes the role of some key sectors in the manufacturing industry of Vietnam in the current global supply chain such as electronics, textile, footwear, and farm produce and fish processing. It also identifies difficulties faced by enterprises in the context of the epidemic and suggests several remedies for securing Vietnam’s position in the global supply chain.

(Received 15 August 2021; published 15 November 2021)


Hung Cuong Vu

Assoc. Prof., Ph.D., Institute of Social Sciences Information, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences

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