US Indo-Pacific Strategy: From Donald Trump to Joe Biden

  • Thanh Tran Thi

Tóm tắt

Over the past decades, great powers, typically the United States, have consistently pursued strategies to enhance their influence and protect their national interests in the Indo-Pacific, a crucial geopolitical and geostrategic region. In late 2017, as US President, Donald Trump announced the Indo-Pacific strategy which centered on containing the rise of China and maintaining America’s No.1 status. In January 2021, Joe Biden took over from Donald Trump after his four-year tenure and followed the same strategy. The paper aims to explore differences between the two presidents’ strategic approaches to the Indo-Pacific to explicate the new adjustments in the US foreign policy to the region.

(Received 20 August 2021; published 15 November 2021)


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Thanh Tran Thi

MA., Institute of Social Sciences Information, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences

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