Ancestry Worship by the Tay Ethnic Group in Krong Nang District, Dak Lak Province

  • Tạp chí Thông tin KHXH Tạp chí Thông tin KHXH
  • Van Lai Thi

Tóm tắt

Traditional beliefs are among indispensable community activities, and a crucial part of people’s spiritual life. The Tay people’s ancestry worship, formed on the basis of the belief in immortality and ancestor’s soul survival after death, always plays an important role in their spiritual life. The paper explores the typical forms of ancestry worship, and points out the changing trends in the Tay people’s ancestry worship in Krong Nang District, Dak Lak Province in order to promote and preserve traditional cultural values of the Tay people todays.

Received 2 October 2019; published 18 December 2019  


Van Lai Thi

MA., Tây Nguyên Institute of Social Sciences, Viet Nam Academy of Social Sciences


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