Historical and Cultural Layers of an Estuary: Case Study of Ky Anh Estuary, Ha Tinh Province

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  • An Tran Thi

Tóm tắt

This paper adopts anthropological approaches to space, place and cultural positioning for a case study of Ky Anh estuary in Ha Tinh province on the following assumption: Cultural area only provides a static (and probably prejudiced) viewpoint despite its signifi cance for the cultural identifi cation on a broader scale. Whereas, cultural space connotes a narrower yet qualitative one. Therefore, only cultural place provides a dynamic insight of the location where cultural practices take place and encompass all its dimensions and transformations over time.

Received 10 October 2019; published 18 December 2019 


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Tác giả

An Tran Thi

Associate Professor, Ph.D, Vietnam National University in Hanoi

Email: antran.vass@gmail.com

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