Eggs in the Thai People’s Rituals in Con Cuong District, Nghe An Province, Vietnam

  • Tạp chí Nghiên cứu tôn giáo
  • Thiet Luong Van
Keywords: Egg; Ritual; Thai People; Nghe An; Vietnam.


Con Cuong is a mountainous district in the southwest of Nghe An province with the population of 70,914 people and a natural area of 166,263.67 ha. It is inhabited by 5 ethnic groups: Thai, Kinh, Tho (Dan Lai, Ly Ha), Nung and Hoa. Among these groups, the Thai people account for the highest number of the district’s population (64.2% ). The Thai people in Con Cuong district consist of 3 local groups: Tay Muoi, Tay Thanh and Tay Muong. The Tay Muoi and Tay Thanh groups recognize them as Black Thai (Tay Dam) while the Tay Muong group recognize themselves as the White Thai (Tay Don), who appeared the earliest in this area (around the 14th-15th centuries).

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