Social Activities of the Religious Organizations in Vietnam: Research on the Religious Legal Person

  • Tạp chí Nghiên cứu tôn giáo
  • Hien Do Lan
Keywords: Social activity; religious organization; religious legal person.


The legal documents of the Party and State of Vietnam in the field of religion (before enforcement of the Law on Belief and Religion No. 02/2016/QH14) did not refer to the “religious juridical person” although the law recognized religious organizations and authorized them to register their religious activities according to the law. The Law on Belief and Religion, the latest legal document, mentioned the legal person of religious organizations when they are recognized by the State agency. After enforcement of the Law on Belief and Religion, religious organizations could participate in civil service, social activities beside religious activities. However, the religious legal person in Vietnam is different from the world so it will be discussed in this article. The article addresses some of the following issues: What is Legal Person and Religious Legal Person? Religious legal person through social activities in Vietnam: in comparison with the world.

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