The Indigenization of the Chams’ Religious Tradition in the Centre Vietnam

  • Tạp chí Nghiên cứu tôn giáo
  • Danh Dong Thanh
Keywords: The Cham; religion; indigenous; indigenization; Hinduism; Islam


The article reviews some of the views on the indigenization and indigenous factors of the Chams’ religion in the Central Vietnam. The author learns about the religious characteristics of the Chams people from the period of Indoculture, indigenization to present, in which the author emphasizes the religious distinctiveness of the aristocracy and of the peasantry, and distinguishes between the indigenization of a foreign religion and the reception of certain elements of the religion, but still practice traditional religions. The most importantly, the author would like to show that the indigenous tradition of the Chams has taken a leading role since the 15th century, when the Indian religion were out of place, from which elements of Indian religion is completely transformed and changed into a traditional religion that creates a period of indigenization in the process of religious development of the Chams

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