Land system and agricultural economy during the Tran dynasty: new approaches

  • Minh Giang Vu*
Từ khóa: agricultural economy, land system, military arts, Tran dynasty.

Tóm tắt

In Vietnamese history, the Tran dynasty was peculiar in that its military triumphs and literati rule formed a spirit that could hardly be found in other monarchical ages. There is thoughtful research being conducted on military arts during the wars against the Mongol-Yuan invasions as well as a considerable number of studies on the Tran culture and civilisation. However, the view from economic and social studies is likely thin. The land system and agricultural economy, among key foundations of all medieval institutions including the Tran dynasty, remains unclear with several unanswered questions. Through new approaches, this paper attempts to demonstrate a new scientific understanding and fill the knowledge gap.


Minh Giang Vu*

Vietnam National University, Hanoi

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