Study on a novel exterior RCS hybird joint by ABAQUS

  • Nguyen Viet Phuong
Từ khóa: Exterior RCS hybrid joint, ABAQUS software, 3D finite element, Le length

Tóm tắt

Hybrid RCS frames consisting of reinforced concrete (RC) column and steel (S) beam are used frequently in practice for mid- to high-rise buildings because of their several advantages. One of the key elements in RCS frames is the beam-column joints. This paper provides the validation of ABAQUS 3D finite element model by the experimental results. Test specimens consist of four specimens of new exterior RCS hybrid joint that the European Project SMARTCOCO investigated with the aim to ease the construction process and avoid additional on-site work.A steel profile is welded to the steel beam and totally encased into a RC column. Four full scale exterior hybrid joints were tested at Structures Laboratory of the INSA de Rennes under monotonic loading. Finally some parametric studies were conducted to find out the suitable configuration of the steel part and the effects of concrete class to the joint behavior.

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