Development of static P-Y curves from experimental measurements based on lateral load tests on onshore drilled shafts

  • Minh D. Uong
  • J. Erik Loehr
Từ khóa: lateral load test, p-y curve, FEM, non-linear bending stiffness

Tóm tắt

Lateral load tests were performed at two geotechnical research sites. Drilled shafts were instrumented using both strain gages and shape acceleration array devices. Lateral deflection and bending moment profiles were interpreted from strain gages data as well as shape acceleration array data. p-y models were derived from the collected data using a Finite Element Method (FEM) code to match the measured experimental data. Linear and non-linear bending stiffness methodologies were used to develop the p-y curves. These analyses show that significantly different interpretations result when the non-linear bending stiffness is accurately modeled. A computational tool using FEM to incorporate non-linear bending stiffness is described along with analyses performed to compare the predicted lateral deflection and bending moment with experimental results. The evaluation described in this paper indicates the difference between the predicted p-y curves considering cracking and non-cracking concrete sections, as well as significant differences in lateral deflection and bending moment when non-linear bending stiffness is considered.


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