Sound barrier wall to reduce traffic noises in Vietnam

  • Nguyen Tuan Anh
Từ khóa: Noise source, sound transmission, sound barrier wall, noise pollution, highway, urban comfort, traffic landscape

Tóm tắt

This paper presents the applying of sound barrier wall for highways in Viet Nam studied from existing experiments in the world. Nowadays, pollution sources come from traffic noises, water sources and air environment. Especially, traffic noises such as transportations, trains and airplanes are much serious and effect population and country. On road traffic systems, noise generated by vehicles is always in high level and give discomfort to residents who live around both sides of highways. In the world, noise barrier walls are being built along the highway to minimize impact of traffic noise to the surrounding environment. However, such solution has not been properly considered in Viet Nam yet.This paper deals with sound transmission mechanism in roads as well as experiences of countries around the world in building the noise barrier system along highways, contributing to ensure the best urban comfort for the surrounding environment and create a friendly traffic landscape.

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