Cham Islands in Champa Maritime Space from 11th to 15th Century

  • Nguyen Van Kim
  • Tran Van Manh

Tóm tắt

Situated in a critical position on the sea routes in Southeast Asia, the Cham Islands or Cu Lao Cham (Vietnamese: Cù Lao Chàm) emerged remarkably as an important outport of the maritime kingdom of Champa since the first centuries. Over many centuries, the region of the Cham Islands and the estuary port of the Great Champa, also called Dai Chiem seaport (Vietnamese: Đại Chiêm hải khẩu or Cửa Đại), not only was seen as a destination and a trade centre of the small state of Amaravati, but also played a significant role in linking the kingdom of Champa with the outside world. In history, Cham people actively integrated into the region and the world, contributing greatly towards the formation of “the silk road”, “the spice route”, and “the ceramic route”,... in the Indo-Pacific region. In addition to the economic linkage, they were also used as channels for the exchange of cultures, beliefs, religions, scientific and technical knowledge between the kingdom of Champa and other Asian countries, creating new driving forces of development and enhancing the creative capacity in societies of the region.

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