Measuring land subsidence in Tra Vinh by SAR interferometry Sentinel–1

  • Ho Tong Minh Dinh
  • Huynh Quyen
  • Bui Trong Vinh
  • Tran Van Hung
  • Le Trung Chon
Từ khóa: Mekong; Tra Vinh; Subsidence; InSAR; Sentinel–1.

Tóm tắt

This paper presents the results of analyzing land subsidence in Tra Vinh province in the period of 2015–2019 by using InSAR interference from Big Data of Sentinel–1 satellite radar and ground measurement data to understand the impact of urbanization and groundwater exploitation on land subsidence in the area research. In the period from 2015 to 2019 in Tra Vinh city, there are areas with annual subsidence rate of about 1 cm/year while in Dan Thanh commune, Duyen Hai district subsidence rate is up to 3 cm/year. One of the reasons for such rapid land subsidence is the excessive exploitation of underground water in these areas, especially in Dan Thanh commune, Duyen Hai district.

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