Giới thiệu về Tạp chí

        LQDTU Journal of Science & Technique (LQDTU-JST) is managed and published by Le Quy Don Technical University, one of 20 best universities of Vietnam [].

        One of the main missions of LQDTU-JST is to become a scientific bridge connecting Vietnamese researchers in Science, Engineering and Technology with scientists in the world. LQDTU-JST helps leading researchers, researchers, students, academics and industry experts develop scientific research and helps them exchange outstanding research results with each other. In addition, LQDTU-JST also provides information on the world's new breakthrough research and latest scientific applications through the website

      LQDTU-JST is a peer-reviewed double-blind journal with international publication code ISSN 1859-0209 for issue of 8 annual editions. Each manuscript has been reviewed by at least two prestigious reviewers who have published numerous international publications relevant to the manuscript's research area. Upon completion of the review, a high-quality editorial council consisting of highly respected experts in the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology will evaluate/assess the quality of the two-reviewer-accepted paper to reach the final conclusion as "Allowed / Not allowed to publish" judgment.

      LQDTU-JST publishes high quality theoretical or experimental research results revolving around different fields of Science, Engineering and Technology. The copyright of research results published on LQDTU-JST always belongs to the author of the paper. Any other researcher wishing to re-use the results published on LQDTU-JST must be accurately and clearly cited in the references.

      LQDTU-JST always welcomes authors to submit manuscripts of original research that meet the criteria of significance, academic excellence and new ideologies. LQDTU-JST looks forward to receiving your feedback to continuously improve the quality of our publications.