Stability and frequency compensation techniques for low-power operational amplifier design

  • Huynh Cong Tu
  • Nguyen Van Hao
  • Huynh Nguyen Bao Phuong
Từ khóa: op-amp , low-voltage low-power , indirect compensation , two stage cmos operational amplifier.

Tóm tắt

A low-power operational amplifier (op-amp) circuit with both conventional and indirect Miller compensating techniques is presented in this work. For low-voltage op-amps, the gm/ID method is used to calculate transistor size. The gain, slew rate, phase margin, power dissipation, and other parameters of the proposed op-amp were determined. The developed op-amp circuit was simulated in LT-SPICE to check parameter values. The goal of this study was to examine the gain and phase margins obtained using several frequency compensation techniques in order to identify the best one for a given set of design requirements. To create a high performance op-amp, we used split-length transistors combined with indirect feedback compensation. All op-amps were designed in 180 nm CMOS technology.

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