Concentration and charateristics of microplastic in Big brown mactra clam (Mactra grandis) distributed in Cu Mong lagoon, Phu Yen province

  • Le Quoc Hoi
  • Vo Van Chi
Từ khóa: big brown mactra clam , digestive tract , microplastic , cu mong lagoon , contamination.

Tóm tắt

The objective of this study is to assess microplastic contamination in Big brown mactra claminhabiting in Cu Mong lagoon, Phu Yen province. The individuals of this clam collected from the lagoon were treated in KOH 10% to determine microplastic particles in their digestive system. The results disclosed two shapes of microplastic in the digestive system of Big brown mactra clam called fibers and fragments with average microplastic concentration of 1.53 particles per individual in sunny season and 8.93 ones per individual in rainy season. The length of the fibers was mostly from 300 to 2500 µm while the area of the fragments was dominant in the range of 45.000 to 600.000 µm2. The colour of fibers was more diverse than that of fragments; however, in general, white and yellow were the predominant colours of the microplastic particles, followed by green, purple and blue.

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