Extending a Priori Procedure to Two Independent Samples under Skew Normal Settings

  • Cong Wang
  • Tonghui Wang
  • David Trafimow
  • Jing Chen

Tóm tắt

It is useful for researchers to be able to estimate
the sample size necessary to have an impressive
probability of obtaining a difference between sample locations of two independent groups that is
close to the difference between corresponding population locations. The present manuscript provides the necessary equations. To increase generality, the derivations presented are not based
on the typical assumption that the samples come
from the family of normally distributed populations but rather from the much larger family of
skew normal distributions. In addition, counter to
many researchers’ intuitions, we demonstrate that
greater sampling precision ensues from skewness
than from normality, all else being equal, with
simulation results. Finally a real data example on
faculty salaries of New Mexico State University is
given for the illustration of our main results.
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