Influence of music congruity and celebrity image in music video marketing on Vietnamese consumers’ brand-related outcomes

  • Nguyen Ha Quynh Anh
  • Le Dinh Minh Tri

Tóm tắt

Although of the potential growth of music video marketing in Vietnam, rare research explores its effectiveness in branding. This study examines the influence of celebrity image and musical congruity in a music video on brand awareness, attitude, purchase intention, Word-of-Mouth intention, and the significance of celebrity and music to a music video value. This study gathered data from an online survey of 327 participants to measure hypotheses and factors established in the research model. The collected data were transferred to SPSS and AMOS software. The findings indicate that music video marketing effectively gains customers’ attitudes toward the brand, significantly impacting their intention to purchase or Word-of-Mouth about it. Notably, music receives more appreciation from participants in more excellent contributions to the value of the whole music video than the celebrity. This research adds to the knowledge of the relationship between brand attitude and brand awareness of Vietnamese consumers in Music Video (MV) marketing. From this work, scholars and marketers can gain better insights into their marketing strategies to create a compelling music video marketing campaign in Vietnam.


Nguyen Ha Quynh Anh

International University, Vietnam National University - HCMC, Vietnam

Le Dinh Minh Tri

International University, Vietnam National University - HCMC, Vietnam

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