Evaluation of the course-book “Steps to conduct your research” designed and employed at the faculty of foreign languages of Ho Chi Minh City Open University

  • Ho Pham Vu Phi
  • Minh Nguyen Thi Hoai

Tóm tắt

Course-book plays a very important role in many language training classrooms, especially at Faculty of Foreign Languages at HCMC Open University. However, few studies have been conducted to investigate whether the current course-books, either imported or local materials, have had suitability for the students’ needs and interests. This study was an attempt to evaluate the course-book “Steps to conduct your research” written by Pham Vu Phi Ho who was also the lecturer training the students in the course “Research Methodology” in the Academic year of 2011 – 2012 at HCMC Open University. The course-book was designed based on the Cognitive learning theory, Social-cultural learning theory, and the Project-based approach. Data collection was from unstructured interviews and questionnaire based on 10 criteria of SLA principles at the end of the course to evaluate the course-book. The study shed lights over the researchers to modify and improve the quality of the course-book to meet the students’ needs and interests for the training.
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