Organizational commitment among nurses at Nam Dinh general Hospital

  • Mai Thi Thu Hang, Hoàng Thị Kim Yến
Từ khóa: Commitment to the organization, nurse, hospital, Nam Dinh

Tóm tắt

Objective: Describe organizational commitment among nurses at Nam Dinh General Hospital and related factors.

Methods: The study was conducted from August 2020 to June 2021 with a cross-sectional descriptive study method on 154 nurses working at Nam Dinh General Hospital.

Results: The the organizational commitment among nurses was at an average level, accounting for 64.5% with a mean score of 3,495. Among the components of organizational commitment, the nurse's emotional attachment was at the highest level with mean score of 3,577. Among the factors that affected the nurses’ commitment to the organization, the factor of working environment; income and the role of the leaders were the most influential factors.

Conclusions: The percentage of nurses with  high commitment to the hospital was not as high as the expectation (21.7%). The result was influenced by various different objective and subjective factors.

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