Effect of re-dispersible powder on the properties for mortar in fresh state

  • Phan Văn Tiến


This paper presents an e)tperimental study on the influence of a re-dispersible powder Vinnapas 501 ON on the properties of cement mortars in fresh state. The effect of varying contents of Vinnapas 5010N on the adhesive properties and rheological behavior of mortar in fresh state has been Investigated, The probe tack test was used to determine the adhesive properties such as the adhesion strength, the cohesion strength and the support' adherence force. The rheological behavior of the mortars was also considered. It IS found that the influence of the re-dispersible piowder on the properties of fresh mortar is quite small. Vjnnapas 50 ION powder seems to have only indirect effects on the properties of fresh mortar through increase of air content.